Collier Consulting’s geophysical department has extensive experience providing a full range of land and marine geophysical services around the globe.

Our Services

Collier Consulting can utilize our geophysical services on a large variety of applications to assist you in your remote sensing and subsurface detection needs. We work with you to select the appropriate approach for a successful survey design that will accomplish your project goals. Our geophysical staff has combined experience of over 100 years. 

Collier Consulting provides a full range of geophysical services to meet your project needs, including: survey planning, data processing, interpretation, and report preparation. We use state-of-the-art geophysical equipment and processing software and utilize 2-D and 3-D data visualization, GIS, and modeling techniques to provide useful solutions.

Geophysics Contact

For more information on geophysics services or to inquiry about working with us please contact our geophysics representative.

Doug Laymon

Sr. Geophysicist
Geophysical Manager

(512) 995-6995

Finn Michelsen

Sr. Geophysicist
Seismic and Marine

(832) 366-4168

John Jansen
Ph.D, P.Gp., P.G.

Sr. Geophysicist

(239) 896-0576

Ron Bell

Sr. Geophysicist

(720) 220-3596