Environmental Geophysics


Characterizing the subsurface groundwater and soil conditions is an important component in environmental site assessment and remediation projects. We have utilized geophysical methods in environmental projects to help map site hydrogeology, preferential contaminant pathways, extent of contamination, and the location of buried debris and objects of concern. Collier’s suite of geophysical solutions provides environmental and engineering companies with rapid, cost-effective, and detailed near-surface information. When incorporated in the early stages of your site characterization project, geophysical investigations can significantly increase your site understanding and help maximize the overall site monitoring and or remediation approach.

Environmental Applications

  • Lithology mapping
  • Soil & groundwater contaminant plume delineation
  • Boundaries of landfills, trenches, & waste pits
  • Buried objects (drums, USTs)
  • Utility mapping & detection
  • Ordnance UXO
  • Lateral & vertical variations in soil
  • Aquifer characterization
  • Utility mapping & detection
  • Clearing of borehole locations
  • Identify prime boring locations for sampling
  • Abandoned well locating

Environmental Geophysics Contacts

For more information on environmental geophysics services or to inquire about working with us, please contact one of our representatives.

Phil Sirles

Principal Geophysicist /
Business Development Lead

(720) 934-2901

Doug Laymon

Principal Geophysicist /
Operations Lead

(512) 995-6995