Collier Consulting's staff has the experience necessary to successfully assist public and private sector clients in engineering the right solution to meet their goals.

Our Services

Water is the heart of what we do at Collier — from water supply and storage to treatment and conveyance —we design and engineer water and wastewater systems of all sizes. We know water.

Our geoscientists and engineers work in concert to find and maximize recovery of available groundwater. We engineer every well site and treatment system to the geology of the borehole, and our well design and specifications are backed by a full complement of professional hydrogeologists.

We are particularly committed to on-site monitoring of any engineering project, specifically water wells, to ensure groundwater production is maximized.

We also engineer a full range of civil projects, including roads, drainage, lots, slabs, retention walls, etc.

Water Wells

Fresh and brackish water

Specialty Water Wells

Aquifer storage and recovery, horizontal, and de-watering

Water Supply

Public, industrial, and agricultural water

Water Treatment

Groundwater and surface water

Water Storage & Conveyance

Ground storage, elevated storage, pump stations, and water lines.


Collection, treatment, and discharge.

Public Works

Storm sewers, streets, fire flow, and sewage.


Drainage studies/plans, storm water, de-watering, and groundwater remediation.

Land and Site Development

Utility layout/design, lot layouts, street and slab design, terracing, and fire flow.

Engineering Contact

For more information on engineering services or to inquiry about working with us, please contact our engineering representative.

Matt Van Hattem

Sr. Engineer

(254) 592-1883