Borehole logging methods are used to measure a variety of subsurface physical properties in the borehole. Borehole logging methods are used to make high resolution measurements of the variation in fluid and physical properties in and around the well bore that are not easily measured in drill cuttings. Collier has years of experience acquiring and interpreting borehole logging data for various applications.

Borehole Logging

Borehole Tools Used by Collier

  • Gamma Ray
  • Spontaneous Potential (SP)
  • Short and Long Normal Resistivity
  • Induction
  • Single Point
  • Caliper
  • Sonic
  • Borehole Deviation
  • Fluid Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Flow Meter
  • Fluid Sampler
  • Cement Bond Log
  • Borehole Televiewer

Downhole Video Surveys

video surveysCollier conducts a video survey of every well we engineer or monitor. This ensures proper construction and development of a well. Collier also recommends that owners video wells any time the pump and motor are pulled. A video survey provides the owner a clear understanding of the wells current condition and whether rehabilitation is needed, either in the near-term or long-term. This can allow owners to predictably budget the operation and maintenance costs of their wells.