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Characterizing the subsurface and soil conditions is critical in designing and constructing infrastructure projects. Similarly, understanding geological features that pose potential risk to people, infrastructure, and the environment is crucial for ensuring that adequate design and mitigation measures are implemented. Our team of experienced geophysicists can provide cost-effective and detailed near-surface imaging solutions to engineering companies anywhere in the world. Properly characterizing the subsurface and incorporating this information into the early stages of your project can significantly decrease the associated cost and time.

Mapping Karst and Fracture Zones to Depths of move than 2,000 ft to Map Regional Subsidence Problems
Mapping Karst and Fracture Zones to Depths of move than 2,000 ft to Map Regional Subsidence Problems

Engineering Applications

  • Depth-to-bedrock
  • Competency of bedrock – (rippability, Poisson’s Ratio, Shear Modulus)
  • Injection well siting
  • Mapping faults, karst or caliche
  • Depth to water table
  • Dam stability
  • Dam seepage
  • Levee assessment
  • Obstacles to construction
  • Landslide and slope monitoring
  • Permafrost thickness and stiffness
  • Soil and bedrock characterization below active rivers
  • Mapping abandoned mine workings

Our sector leaders, Phil Sirles and Doug Laymon, P.G., are geophysicists with extensive experience in engineering geophysics. Our staff has both OSHA HAZWOPER and MSHA health and safety training, with annual refresher courses. Our geophysicists have specialty training in soils and rock mechanics, geology and groundwater to better understand the needs of our clients.

Engineering & Geotechnical Contacts

For more information on engineering and geotechnical geophysics services or to inquire about working with us, please contact one of our representatives.

Phil Sirles

Sr. Geophysicist / Operations Manager

(720) 934-2901

Doug Laymon

Sr. Geophysicist / Operations Manager

(512) 995-6995