August 20, 2021

Back In the Swing of Things

Collier Consulting and Collier Geophysics are excited to announce that we are attending in person conferences and events once again. We are bringing to you new services, staff, and information! Listed below are the conferences we will be attending in September. In addition, we have multiple team members speaking and exhibiting at events. Keep an eye out for the Collier logo!

  • Texas Groundwater Summit 2021 in San Antonio, Texas
    • Exhibit booth # TBA
  • AGSD DAM Safety 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee 
    • Exhibit booth # 721
  • Water Pro Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
    • Exhibit booth # 935
  • 4th Annual GRA Western Groundwater Conference 2021 in Los Angeles, California 
  • 33rd Annual AHS Symposium in Tempe, Arizona
    • John Jansen will be speaking on Rapid screening of potential MAR sites using a towed-cart time-domain electromagnetic induction system. 
  • CECON 2021 in San Marcos, Texas 
    • Exhibit booth # 52
  • Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists 64th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas
    • Exhibit booth # 2
    • Phil Sirles will be speaking on Seismic and Electrical 3D Geophysical Imaging for Landslide Remediation and 3D Geophysical Investigation to Evaluate Risk at Karstic Wind Turbine Foundation Sites. 
    • Trever Ensele will be speaking on Thru-Dam Seismic Tomography. 
    • Doug Laymon will be speaking on Imaging and Mapping of Karst Features.