Alternative Strategies

Water Resources

Alternative water strategies can provide flexibility and additional resources for private industry, municipalities, and government agencies. As the demand for clean drinking water rapidly grows, alternative strategies are becoming a necessity. Collier has extensive experience implementing innovative, alternative strategies.

Alternative strategies require specialized testing and permitting. Some projects require pilot programs before receiving final regulatory approval. Collier has the expertise to plan, engineer, and execute all aspects of your project.

Managed Aquifer Recharge

Recharge of an aquifer for a variety of purposes including temporary storage, saltwater intrusion barriers, water level restoration, and water quality improvement.

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)

Injects excess water into an aquifer for underground storage. This water can then be pumped to the surface via the same well when the need arises.

Brackish Water

There is often little competition for this water source and in some geographic regions it is readily available in large quantities. Through dilution and/or treatment, brackish water can greatly increase a water purveyor’s available reserves.

Water Reuse

Treatment of wastewater for drinking, landscaping, aquifer recharge, or industrial use.