Oil & Gas


Petroleum exploration and development operations must be technically savvy, while remaining sensitive to environmental concerns. Our professionals have assisted domestic and foreign companies ranging from smaller independents to major Fortune 500 operators with both land and marine petroleum operations. Our support has run the gamut, from developing and protecting water resources to high resolution 3-D seismic surveys.

Water Resources

Developing, treating, engineering, and protecting water resources in support of oil and gas operations.

Contamination Investigations

Expert assessment of the source, extent, and remedy for water and soil contamination.

Geophysical Exploration

Collier geophysicists utilize a myriad of land and marine geophysical techniques for petroleum exploration and development around the globe. Our expertise includes designing, acquiring, and interpreting high resolution 2-D and 3-D seismic surveys.

Petrophysical Analysis

Collier geologists are experienced in designing and interpreting logging suites, core analysis, petrography, geophysics, and the integration of all the aforementioned data.