Injection Wells


Permitting and regulatory compliance for all classes of injection wells across the U.S. is a specialty service provided by Collier. Our staff helps organizations navigate the regulatory hurdles for projects such a waste disposal, carbon sequestration, and compressed air energy storage. 

Class I Injection Wells

Class I injection wells are used to inject industrial or municipal waste to a depth beneath the lowermost Underground Source of Drinking Water. Our staff has extensive experience in developing permit applications, plume modeling, well design and construction, testing, and reporting to assure proper protection and conservation of groundwater resources.

Class V Injection Wells

Class V wells are used to inject or dispose of non-hazardous waste into or above an Underground Source of Drinking Water. Collier can assist in assuring these wells are engineered, constructed, operated, and maintained to protect drinking water resources.

Class VI Injection Wells

Class VI wells are used to inject supercritical carbon dioxide into abandoned oil and gas zones, deep saline aquifers, and other potential formations for storage or disposal purposes. We can assist in all aspects of regulatory permitting, well design and construction, operation, and plume monitoring.