Marine Applications


Collier Consulting specializes in the application of marine surveys for oil and gas exploration surveys, geotechnical, civil engineering, offshore mining, near shore environmental, and other marine geologic mapping studies. Our team uses a variety of marine acoustic/seismic mapping and sub-bottom profiling systems, side scan sonar, marine magnetometer and bathymetry survey systems. Survey methods are selected on the basis of target objective, water depth, resolution requirements, and environmental conditions. Expertise includes pre-survey planning and geophysical modeling, field support for data acquisition and operations, 2D and 3D data processing, interpretation and image mapping.

Sub-bottom profiling and bathymetry survey
Sub-bottom profiling and bathymetry survey

Marine applications include:

  • Single & multi-streamer oil and gas exploration surveys
  • 2D/3D marine multi-client seismic surveys
  • Geologic formation mapping
  • Seafloor mapping surveys
  • Marine archaeological surveys
  • Marine environmental site investigations
  • Pipeline and cable tracking
  • Marine UXO investigations
  • Bottom hazards investigation
  • Marine engineering and geotechnical studies
  • Sediment classification studies
  • Hydrographic surveys

Geophysical methods used for marine applications include:

  • 2D/3D High-Resolution Multi-Channel Seismic Streamer
    & Ocean Bottom Node Surveys
  • Multibeam Bathymetry Surveys
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • High-Resolution Sub-bottom Profiling
  • Marine Magnetometer Surveying