Engineering and Geotechnical Applications


Characterizing the subsurface and soil conditions is critical in designing and constructing infrastructure projects. Similarly, understanding geological features that pose potential risk to people, infrastructure, and the environment is crucial for ensuring that adequate design and mitigation measures are implemented. Our team of experienced geophysicists can provide cost-effective and detailed near-surface imaging solutions to engineering companies anywhere in the world. Properly characterizing the subsurface and incorporating this information into the early stages of your project can significantly decrease the associated cost and time.

Engineering applications include:

  • Corridor mapping for pipelines, railways, power lines and roads
  • Dam and levee assessment
  • Overburden thickness
  • Soil characterization
  • P & S wave evaluation
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Geohazard characterization
  • Karst and void detection
  • Buried infrastructure detection
  • Concrete and pavement assessment

Geophysical methods used for engineering applications include:

  • Seismic Refraction
  • Seismic MASW
  • Electrical Methods
  • GPR
  • Electromagnetics